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If you need to open active DCC connections with XChat behind your UPnP enabled gateway, you can use this patch to add UPnP support in xchat. If you use xchat-2.8.8, use this patch instead. For HexChat 2.16, uses hexchat-2.16.patch.

The patch has been tested under linux with xchat-2.6.6. To compile a patched xchat, first make sure the latest version of the miniupnp client library is installed on your system. You should have the header files in /usr/include/miniupnpc and the library available as /usr/lib/libminiupnpc.a. Then get xchat-2.6.6 sources and unpack somewhere.
cd xchat-2.6.6/
patch -p1 < ../xchat-upnp.patch
If nothing goes wrong, you can launch xchat from a terminal. The upnp code is printing some informations to the standard output. If you just compiled xchat, the binary is xchat-2.6.6/src/fe-gtk/xchat. You can now connect to your favorite network and offer a DCC chat session to you friends !

Don't expect this patch to be perfect but if you run into problems, share them with me and I'll see what I can do for you ! Also the patch have only been tested by me with xchat 2.6.6 under linux but it may work for you with a different version of xchat or/and another OS. Tell me !

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